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Melissa's Mobile Massage Services

* In Home Massage Services $100 per hour - Receive a massage as you would in office, but in your own home.  All supplies are brought to your house including a massage table, sheets, music for either 1 hour, 90 minutes or even a 2 hour session.

* Corporate On-Site Chair Massage $90 per hour per licensed massage therapist. Local businesses looking to reward employees or add to a celebration! A two (2) hour minimum is required.

Show your employees that you appreciate them with on-site chair massage!

Employees are one of a company's biggest assets.  The work environment that surrounds our valued employees can impose the largest amount of life's stress on them.  With today's economic hardships, stress in the workplace is at an all time high. Employee work loads may have increased due to layoff, setting higher demands and creating uncertainty in regards to job security. Common side effects produced by stress are anxiety, depression, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, headaches and even more serious health problems associated with the heart and the gastrointestinal tract.  Many of the jobs today require a great deal of time be spent in front of a computer.  Poor Posture is typically a result and can cause chronic back, neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches and numbness. This in combination with work place stress can lead to a non-healthy work environment, less productivity and a decrease in employee performance.  Wellness in the workplace.

Many companies have been implementing wellness programs that focus on educating their staff on issues related to nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation and guidelines to improving overall wellbeing. Many of these companies are contracting with licensed massage therapists to perform on-site chair massage for their employees.

Massage reduces physical and mental effects of stress, acute and chronic pain, muscle tension, fatigue; Massage increases alertness, clarity, immune system function, blood circulation and an improved overall mental wellbeing; and Massage also balances the nervous system and improves digestion and intestinal function.

Multiple therapists available for larger events. Please call to have an event scheduled for anytime starting at 8:30am -5:00pm Monday-Friday.
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